isolved University

The isolved University makes it easy to get up to speed with your isolved payroll and HR platform quickly, with HCM training and courses available at any time.

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Get up to speed with your isolved payroll and HR platform quickly with the isolved University! This full learning management system (LMS) will help you and your employees get more comfortable with the features and functionality of isolved.

The isolved University packs continuous bite-sized isolved-focused content into a robust, easy-to-use platform.

Benefits for HR:

  • Reduced burden for training and education- simply assign courses to your employees and allow them to learn on their own
  • Ensure all employees get the same training across the board
  • Get your employees trained and skilled in critical aspects of isolved, including:
    • Employee self-service
    • Annual events (benefit enrollment, certifications)
    • Managing personal information and dependents
  • Manage year-end processes easily with content and payroll courses specific to this busy time of year

Benefits for Employees:

  • Feel comfortable and confident when using isolved
  • Find information you need, right when you need it
  • It’s available anytime you’re ready to take courses
  • As you progress, earn badges and unlock new content!

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The isolved University connects you with isolved information, when you need it.

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